Reach customers through the Growth Hub

The Hertfordshire Growth Hub is the only platform in the region where businesses can access all the support they need in one place. As well as delivering advice to businesses at all stages of their development, the Growth Hub provides additional expertise on a range of topics.

This is done through our Marketplace – an extension of the services the Growth Hub provides. This is where you come in.


Connecting you to the Hertfordshire Business Community

On the marketplace businesses can request help – which suppliers can respond to - or suppliers can advertise their services. Our advisers can also signpost customers directly to you service industry via the Marketplace.


For businesses this means that from sales and marketing, skills and training to tendering and procurement, funding and grants, there is an answer to every question. And from imports and exports, legal and regulatory issues to environmental challenges, ICT, finance, employment and HR, we can connect them to expert resource.

By joining our supplier directory, your listing will be accessible to customers who can filter services by type of support and topic. By including your services, you will widen your customer base and get connected to a community of businesses which will grow alongside you.

Access to THE Hertfordshire SME market

Boost your brand – become a supplier

This is an opportunity you simply cannot afford to ignore.

Becoming a supplier for the Hertfordshire Growth Hub allows you to promote your services to Hertfordshire’s SMEs. This means your brand is seen by all the right people. And you will appear on a respected resource – giving your business a brand boost. On top of this, you will have direct access to a whole host of customers with requirements to match your expertise.

After all, job specs from businesses across the region will be listed on a regular basis and only companies listed on the Marketplace will be able to reply.

Being one of our suppliers allows you an advantage over competitors not listed and allows you to compete directly with those who are.
So, what are you waiting for?


Build your own business by joining the marketplace

Joining the Hertfordshire Growth Hub’s Marketplace is a simple way to grow your business’ customer base.

That should be reason enough to sign up. But here are a few more:

  • It is free
  • It is easy
  • Potential customers will be using the Growth Hub to find businesses like you


The Growth Hub will feature an online profile of your organisation, of which you have full control. You can update this as regularly as you want and react to direct enquiries from the platform. It gives you an interactive platform to liaise with potential customers and help you grow your own business while helping others do the same.


The platform is actively promoted to the large number of SMEs across the county that are seeking help.


Promote your events through our directory

Not only does becoming a supplier put you right in front of your target market, it also allows you to be part of a wider network and have the opportunity to meet customers face to face.

The digital platform is home to a comprehensive events directory where businesses can register their interest in your events.

We invite you, through the digital platform, to upload and publicise your own events free of charge, which will then be shared with the business community.  The platform can act as a booking system for you, helping to reach a wider audience, easing the burden of event management and helping increase awareness of your brand. 

By uploading your event listing on the directory, you will be introduced to new potential customers online and face-to-face; boosting your own business growth while sharing your knowledge and expertise with those who are starting out on their journey.